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Are you struggling? You’re not alone

Doing the work

Are you struggling with something? Well, you’re not alone. We all have our “under construction” zones. Maybe it’s dealing with anxiety, depressed mood or anger. Maybe it’s struggling with making an important decision, navigating a difficult relationship or grappling with self-esteem. Maybe it’s stress at work or perhaps just a brief period of time you’re having difficulty adjusting to a new change in your life. Either way, you are not alone.

As human beings on this earth, we will all have times where we struggle. It’s okay. What’s important is how you handle it, and that includes being gentle with yourself and giving yourself credit for noticing when you are struggling and then seeking support. It’s akin to throwing up the “under construction” sign and then getting to work.

Support can be in the form of self-care, talking to a trusted confidante, seeking out a support group, or even starting therapy, to name a few. Give yourself credit for taking that first step. We are all works in progress at any given time; what’s important is you do the work necessary to learn and grow.

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