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People come to therapy for a variety of reasons. Many individuals seek help to address anxiety or to learn to better manage stress. Others come to therapy because they are feeling sad or depressed, and overwhelmed as they go through their day. Some people feel stuck or unmotivated and are looking for a change. Do you feel insecure or unhappy in a relationship? Are you stressed at work and get easily irritated? Are you having trouble dealing with a new situation or have difficulty sleeping and concentrating? Don’t let these issues keep you from living the life you want. You are not alone, and therapy may help.

Therapy can help you better manage your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and to more effectively problem-solve difficult situations. We will work together to set and attain goals towards wellness and help you learn new ways to deal with life’s challenges and better manage stress. You can learn to think, feel and act in ways that lead to a more productive, fulfilling and happier life.

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