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Perfectionism and making mistakes

‘The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising everytime we fall.’

– Nelson Mandela

As a human being on this planet, it is not possible to be free from making mistakes from time to time – as a human being, you WILL make mistakes. It’s what you do with those mistakes that make the difference.

Are you going to go hard on yourself up for not being ‘perfect’? (What does perfection really even mean? I will come back to this in a later post). Or are you going to use it as an opportunity to learn what may have happened so that you can course correct? Once you know better, you can do better; you can hold yourself accountable to address a mistake (if there was indeed an error you made), while not going hard on yourself. If you go hard on yourself, you may get stuck in negative self-talk, thus missing the opportunity to accept your humanity and problem-solve what may need to happen differently next time – to rise from the fall.



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