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Social Media:

If you found Tobin Psychological Services or Dr. Mary E Tobin on any social media or review sites (many of these sites may automatically add my listing without my knowledge, request or consent), please know that the listing is NOT a request for a testimonial, rating, or endorsement from you. My professional code of conduct states that it is unethical for me to solicit testimonials. Of course, you have a right to express yourself on any site you wish. But due to confidentiality, I cannot respond to any review on any of these sites whether it is positive or negative. Additionally, if you try to communicate with me through these sites, I may not be able to access or read messages sent through social media in a timely fashion, and there is a possibility that I may never see it. If you do choose to write something on a business review site, keep in mind that you may be sharing personally revealing and confidential information about yourself in a public forum. I also have no control over the information review sites and social media platforms may collect, use, and/or if they disclose the information.

My primary concern is your privacy. If you “like,” “follow”, “favorite” or “retweet”, share, comment, etc. on any social media forum, others will see your name associated with such action. I do not follow current or former clients on social media, or accept contact requests. Please refrain from discussing, commenting, and/or asking therapeutic questions via any of my social media platforms. If you have a comment and/or question, please contact me using the contact information found on my website. Again, the primary concern is the privacy and security of your information.

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